Botox Baby


Today I went for a hair removal consultation at my dermatologist’s office and ended up getting Botox under my arms! I’ve suffered from excessive sweating since I was a freshman in high school. Most of the classrooms had no air-conditioning, so I would often wear black or a sweater or jacket to try and conceal the wetness. I’ve tried everything over the years; from over the counter deodorants to prescriptions and nothing has worked. After speaking to my primary doctor, I figured I would look into getting Botox. So naturally when my dermatologist said he could do it today, I said yes with pure excitement!

Now, I’m not a total baby when it comes to getting needles, but I was a little nervous when he told me he would not be applying any numbing gel. After all, I did my research online and knew there would be multiple injections involved. My doctor assured me the entire procedure would be tolerable, though. The nurse had me wipe my underarms with a wet paper towel and then the doctor came in, had me lift my one arm up first, wiped the area with alcohol (I think) and then started injecting the Botox. I did not keep count, but he probably gave me about 10 injections in each arm pit. I did feel the needles – especially in the middle where it’s more sensitive – but it was bearable and if this works, I will definitely continue getting this done in the future.

My dermatologist said it will take about a week for the Botox to start working. I’ve been dealing with this for most of my life so a week is not bad in my opinion. Even the nurse said she gets it done and it is the best thing. So I am anxious and exited to see if this actually does work for me. I would love to wear colored tops without having to worry about sweat stains. Fingers crossed and I will keep ya’ll updated! 😉

Watch my vlog about this experience!

One thought on “Botox Baby

  1. hey, how are you? just wanted to ask did the botox work for you? and how long did it last? does it have any negative effects? and how long did it take to finally see the result was it a week? because i have an appointment on wednesday and i’m so nervous I hope it goes well.


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