Fuller House – Hit or Miss


I was a little late in watching the entire season of Fuller House, but better late than never right? Everyone in my age group grew up watching this show, so naturally I was just as excited as everyone else when Netflix’s announced it was coming back. So did I love it or not?

As cheesy as it was, I loved it. I mean, how could I not? DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie were exactly as I would have imagined them to be as adults. I loved the reversed storyline of DJ being a single-mom of 3 boys now. As a kid, I had always found the character of Kimmy to be annoying, but she’s probably one of my favorite characters this time around. Am I the only one who took notice to her cat sweater? I want one! I’m also in love with Stephanie’s wardrobe and was Googling (unsuccessfully) where to get her clothes online! But ultimately the actor one who stood out for me and became my favorite was little Max played by Elias Harger. He was so funny and so cute. You can tell the cast all genuinely get along and are a family in real life. I’m happy the show was picked up for a second season. What did you think of Fuller House?

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