NeoStrata Perfecting Peel

Today I tested a product that I’ve been wanting to buy for a while! I have so many sun spots on my face (as seen in my makeup-free photo below) that I want to lighten and hopefully get rid of. I’m trying to avoid getting any laser treatment done on my face, although I have a feeling that might be my only solution. But I still have products I want to test out first before I do that 🙂 Advice to young girls – wear sunscreen and don’t go to tanning beds like I did!

Since Neostrata products can be pretty pricey, I asked for a sample of the perfecting peel first. The purpose of samples are really just to see how your skin reacts to a product, so I’m not expecting any results after one use. Since this peel has glycolic and citric acid (which speeds up exfoliation), I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too drying for my skin before spending all the money on the peel kit.

The sample came with instructions to cleanse and then apply Step 1 to my face, avoiding all the sensitive areas of course. (The “peel pad” reminded me of the Clearasil acne pads I used to use as a teenager, lol!) I had no reactions after 10 minutes, so I applied Step 2 and then washed my face with water as instructed. The whole process was very easy; the only thing I noticed was that my skin felt a little tighter afterward (which is normal for a peel). All in all, I think I’ll be taking the plunge and buying the perfecting peel kit soon 🙂 Sun spots be gone! Haha. I’ll keep you updated on my progress once I get it 🙂

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