My 1st Hello Fresh Order


A few weeks ago I had to travel for work, but made sure I placed my Hello Fresh order so it would arrive the day I got back. I wanted to surprise my meat-loving fiancé with a dish I had never made before, but knew he would love.

As expected I had a very large, heavy box waiting for me at my doorstep when I got home. (Did I mention it was heavy?!) Inside were all the instructions and ingredients to make 2 delicious dinners. Everything inside came freshly packed and the meat was hugged between large ice packs so it didn’t go bad. The instructions were all very simple to follow and they really do give you every ingredient you will need. This meal took me no more than 30 minutes to make. My fiancé said the stuffed peppers tasted exactly the way his parents make them, which made me so happy because now I know how to make them for the future.

I recommend trying Hello Fresh, especially if you’re trying to become a better cook (like me, lol!). Try to find a coupon code or wait until they offer a discount off your first order on their website 😉


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