The Duchess of Sussex


I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, so I watched the Royal Wedding about 3 times yesterday (don’t judge me, lol). I loved Meghan’s wedding gown that she wore for the ceremony; it was breathtaking and timeless. I also read that Meghan and Harry incorporated forget-me-not flowers into her bouquet to honor Princess Diana. I thought that was incredibly touching and sweet. BUT Meghan’s second gown by Stella McCartney was my absolute favorite. She looked so chic and made me want to start doing push-ups to get my arms looking like hers!

Overall, it was as if I was watching a real-life fairytale and in many ways that’s exactly what it was; an American marrying a prince of England. Meghan and Harry looked so in love too, didn’t they?! I think the reason why so many women – myself included – love Meghan is because we see a piece of ourselves in her. She comes from a typical American household where she has a mixed heritage, her parents are divorced and her half-siblings are crazy. It was very empowering watching her walk down the aisle on her own before meeting Prince Charles. Something about her walking by herself felt symbolic and that really resonated with me as a woman. Wouldn’t you agree that the world has a new “People’s Princess”?

What did you think of the Royal Wedding? Comment below 🙂

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